App Module
Operational Assurance

Ensure all aspects of operations are running efficently with real time information delivered onsite and to the cloud based management system


Operational Assurance

Mobile management of standards to increase safety and efficiency across the breadth of on-site operations

Core Ops Integrity (88 Assessments)

Dynamically create a Culture of Continuous Improvement across your user assets. At Thortrium we are working to increase the safety, efficiency, integration of your assets and remote effectiveness of this application enables you implement those standards, procedures and best practices within your asset.

Procedural CRCs

Identify risks quickly with assessments that can , support business planning and demonstrate asset awareness .Utilise robust compliance practices will allow the user department to highlight both Major & Minor deficiencies and focus on the relevant areas at the work places, which requires imediate attention.

Consistent grading of Operations

Save time, dynamic sheduling, to ensure operational safety and efficiency is achieved, saving major costs. developed and designed a structured ‘campaign’ based type of approach, based upon remote operational usage.

Identify Action points for Improvement

Increased productivity, Actions are immediately identified and available with a priority level, then entered as actions in the planning area of the operations assessment tool.

Promote Improvement Culture

Resulting in the “Operational Maturity” of the asset. Forsee and avoid major catostrophic events for the asset also highlight and report future unnecessary lost Production Opportunities for the asset!

Reduce Operational Disruption

Release your employees potential and take control on your site to avoid any Operational Disruption before it happens and go mobile reporting quickly and save you time and money.

Successful Asset and Staff management to provide a Gold Standard of Operational Assurance

Ultimate system for onsite use. The remote application delivered on the ATEX Zone 0 will highlight any major concerns and events before they happen and save the Company money. This application does exactly that . The Thortrium application details and record the management of internal compliance as carried out by you P&M or HSE group against the operational assets standards set within your organisation. Transforming your workplace to become efficient and working smarter with quicker results and saving cost . Imagine an empowered workforce to connect across all aspects of your operation and promote a safer working environment.(no wifi needed)