App Module
Operator Competence Management

Manage entire workforce Skills and training onsite from one central portal. Identify Strengths and weaknesses etc.


Operator Competence Management

Mobile management of standards to increase safety and efficiency across the breadth of on-site operations

Industry Standard Certifications

All applications applying best industry standard on each topic providing the Highest Standard available in the front line.

Permit to Work

Thortrium (windows 10) systems can easily tie-into your electronic PTW systems. Making your turnarounds and shutdowns even more robust.

Safety Critical Task SCT Certification

The Thortrium platform generates management certification from successful audits. Instant Asset Management Certification and Competence Isolation Certification, PSV and ESD testing certification can be covered and intergrated imported to other CMMS sytems.

Personal Development

The Thortrium application incorporates the core standards needed to underpin the competency values for your company. Competent personnel and measured personel development of personnel is an essential element in all assets across all industries.

General Certifications

The Thortrium platofrm can generate digital Isolation authorites certificates when candiate has a proven competent profile.

Health & Safety

Keeping your team focused on health and saftey is paramount. The Thortrium smart platform enables all necessary data and photographic evidence that is captured to be stored securely and displayed when needed.

Web Management System

Web Based Management to govern and Report on all aspects of the Platform

  • Asset Management
  • Operational Assurance
  • Operator Competence
  • Scheduling Assessments and Reports
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Standards

Live updates. Constantly updated.
Centralised Secure cloud Storage.

Live Status/On the Fly updates

Want to know the status of the job in hand? No problem. Thortrium provides real time staus of your asset management needs.

Paperless Certification

Generate management certification from successful work. Instant Asset Management Certification and Competence Isolation Certification upon successful competence and asset management program.

Live Reporting

Worlds first Live Reporting even in minus conditions on site, in gas hazardous environments is now available with the Thortrium reporting section on all applications.

Effective Reporting

Empower your people with this simple, intuitive method of real time reporting and make iniformed decisions on real time data.


Lower the documentation out put which is both good for the environment and increase productivitiy actual work onsite increase the capacity of your mobile workforce.


Industrial Assets are driven by the will of operational excellence both in safety and performance. Achiving International standards. At Thortrium we work to increase the safety, efficiency, integration of your asset and remote effectiveness of this application help you implement those standards, procedures and best practices within your asset.